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Church Music Solutions


About SOS

The Substitute Organist Service (SOS) is powered by a simple to use and intuitive app that is available for iPad. Technology is powerful, while operating the SOS is very simple.

It works like this:

  • 1. Choose your hymns, liturgy, and service music on our site.
  • 2. We prepare and produce your order.
  • 3. Download your order to the iPad that controls your church organ or sound system.
  • 4. Touch “Play” for each track during worship, and sing.

SOS is unique because:

  • We produce and prepare the music of your choice. No programming knowledge necessary.
  • The SOS system plays back on your organ or sound system. No CDs or sterile recordings.
  • We tailor your order with custom configurations that you choose, including liturgy and selected stanzas. Not just hymns.
  • We are always ready to play. No scheduling headaches.
  • We play to encourage singing. No background music.
  • We have trained, qualified organists. No embarrassing musical leadership.
> 12 orders per year
≤ 12 orders per year
There are no contracts or annual fees. You only pay for the services you order. Music for special events may be subject to a modest upcharge. Please contact us for more information.


We understand that making a decision regarding the details of your church service is no easy task. After all, you aren’t simply making a decision for yourself, but for your congregation as well. To make this an easy process for you, we can provide demo credentials for your iPad. We can also supply demo equipment that allows you to experience the Substitute Organist Service in your own church setting with your actual organ or sound system.

This allows you and other members of your congregation to hear our music with no obligation.

To arrange for free demo materials to be provided, please contact us here or call (800) 651-7497.


Choosing a music solution for your church is a big decision. You may have questions. Below are some helpful answers. For additional questions, please contact us.

  • How does the Substitute Organist Service Compare to CDs and MP3 files?

    The SOS sounds better – In most cases it actually plays your church organ.

    The SOS is easier – We do all the programming, you just touch “play”.

    The SOS is tailored – Liturgy, hymns with selected stanzas, and service music are all arranged per your order preferences.

    The SOS is reliable – There are no timing interruptions. Your worship service flows smoothly.

  • How does the order process work?

    Let’s say you need an organist next Sunday:

    • 1. Place your music order on our website.
    • 2. We prepare your order, and notify you when it is ready.
    • 3. Download the music to your iPad.
    • 4. Connect the iPad to your church organ or sound equipment and sing.
  • When do orders have to be in?

    We ask for normal to be placed five days in advance of the service date. Because the SOS is commonly used as a back-up, emergency orders can be placed as late as one day before the service date, but please call us after a last-minute order is placed. Funerals and other unexpected music needs can be accommodated in as little as one day.

  • What does the Substitute Organist Service Cost?

    There are no contracts. There are no annual fees. Cost is on a per service basis.

    Regular Rate: $45 per service if you intend to place more than 12 orders over the next 12 months.

    Occasional Rate: $65 per service if you intend to place 12 or fewer orders over the next 12 months.

    Assisted Rate: We also support smaller congregations. Contact us to discuss pricing adjustments.

  • What about set-up costs?

    You will need an iPad at retail cost.

    MIDI approach: To play the church organ using MIDI, connection equipment will cost approximately $100.

    Audio approach: To play through your sound system, audio cables will cost approximately $25.

    Pipe organs are each unique, and may require a MIDI conversion. Please inquire and we can help determine your best course of action.

  • Is our church organ compatible with the SOS system?

    Just send us an email, or photos with your info. We will respond quickly.

  • We use __________________hymnal. Can you accommodate?

    We have licensing agreements with many major publishers, and we are adding new hymnals all the time. Please call or email with your request.

  • Can we speak to others that use the SOS?

    Yes! Our members love to share their experience with others. A current SOS member may be near you. We can put you in touch.

  • I’m an organist and would like to just take some time off? Can you assist?

    Yes, that’s what we are here for! Because there is no minimum usage requirement, you can simply place orders for when you expect to be out.

If you have further questions regarding the Substitute Organist Service or Church Music Solutions, we would be glad to help you. Please contact us so that we may address any other questions you may have about how our services could help your church.

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